"How Did You Make This? Luxe DIY" FB上看到的貝殼花邊起針,借引用。

It’s amazing what you can do with two pattern rows when you’re knitting. This scalloped knitting edge is exactly what I’m talking about – the perfect way to add a special touch to the edge of a knitting project. It’s no where near as complicated as it looks, either!



Scalloped Edge Stitch

Cast on a Multiple of 11 + 2, when you’re finished you’ll have a Multiple of 6 + 2

1) purl

2) k2, * k1, slip it back to left hand needle, pass next 8 stitches over it and off the needle, yo 2 times, knit the slipped stitch again, k2*

3) k1, *p2tog, slip 1 yo off, (k1 in front of loop, k1 in back of loop) 2 times in yo loop, p1* k1

4) knit


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